Mapule Group of Companies



The Mapule group of companies ("the Group")was established in October 1999 , when the first of many Mapule entities was registered at the Registrar's offices. The Group has since spread its wings with registered offices in other provinces in South Africa.

Services are however rendered country wide, with some interests outside of South African borders.

The group comprises of:


  • Mapule Consulting - Consulting Electrical Engineering & Project Management
  • Mapule Contracting - Building Maintenance
  • Mapule Electrical - Electrical Infrastructure & Reticulation
  • Mapule Properties - Property Holding Company
  • Mapule Real Estate - Property Sales & Marketing
  • Mapule Measurements - Load Control, Prepaid Metering & Renewable Energy Solutions
  • PDS - Property Development Specialists ( Turnkey projects from agricultural land to established township,including Rezoning                                                                                            , Subidevisioning, Townplanning, Engineering Services Design & Installation )
  • I.T Creations - ITC equipment & Solutions
  • Nortje & Ass. - Electrical Engineers
  • Mapule Services - 24/7 Electrical, Plumbing & Construction services

The meaning of Mapule

Mapule is an ethnic word which literally means - the one that brings the rain.

This further transpires into the one that gives, cares & provides